April 15, 2014

June 8th: The Daileigh 5 Week Seminar

It's bacccckkkk!!

The Daileigh 5 week online course will be starting again on June 8.

Topics covered:

building a wardrobe: what are the basics needed in everyone women's wardrobe?

maximizing your wardrobe: get the most out of your garments, learn how to restyle items and transition from season to season

complementary colors: how to pair colors, which colors work best together, how to accessorize your look

styling: how to create a monochrome look, build a look around prints and bold colors, how to dress for your 9-5


testimonials from past participants:

"I realized that I don't have any basic item's like I should in my closet. Glad I'm taking the time to do your course to work on MY personal closet essentials."

" I love the class so far, I wish it was longer than 5 weeks. LOL So much to learn, very exciting and you explain thoroughly with a lot of patience, which is greatly appreciated."

"You are extremely clear, thorough, and of course, someone I find to be an expert on many things fashion so I am directly benefiting."

More details can be found, here.

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