July 15, 2014

STYLING 101 Seminar

Styling 101 6 Week Seminar is here!

A styling guide that helps to focus on building looks catered to your body, shape and height, the role of different garments and styles to help play up certain features and complementing pieces to help balance out a complete outfit.

During this 6 week online seminar you will not only learn how to dress for your shape but how to build an outfit with different proportions, how to pair fabrics/textures, so many different shaped garments (cropped pants, wide leg pants, midi skirts, v neck styled shirts, crew neck shirts, etc.) -- which work best for your shape?, how to accessorize certain necklines to pairing shoes to your look!

Fashion is a balancing act, it's all about finding the right proportions for your shape.. and your outfit!

Coming this Fall..

Registration is now open! For more details: seminars@thedaileigh.com


The Daileigh 5 Week Seminar

How is Styling 101 different from The Daileigh 5 Week seminar?

This 5 week online seminar is more about teaching you how to build a wardrobe, how to maximize it and how to create certain looks that can cater to any occasion.  

Returning August 17th!
(last 5 week seminar of the year)

"The seminar has been so educational.  I now have a better understanding on how to put outfits together with no stress.  I am more confident with myself, I feel good and I've gotten so many compliments.  I have learned new elements and tibits about fashion I was clueless about prior.  Most importantly, I've learned how to look and feel great without putting a hole in my wallet.  Thank you so much Ashleigh!! You are a great teacher!"

Registration is open! For more details: seminars@thedaileigh.com

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