The Daileigh Seminar 5 week online course 

This course is designed to provide you the tools, tips and techniques on how to be a more fashionable you, on a daileighly basis.

Topics covered:
- building a wardrobe: what are the basics needed in everyone women's wardrobe?
- maximizing your wardrobe: get the most out of your garments, learn how to restyle items and transition from season to season
- complementary colors: how to pair colors, which colors work best together, how to accessorize your look
- styling: how to create a monochrome look, build a look around prints and bold colors, how to dress for your 9-5


This seminar is packed with tons of how to's, one-on-one's with Ashleigh, live seminars and a seminar would not be complete without assignments.  With the amount of knowledge you will learn, you will be asked to put your skills to the test every week.  Reviewed and feedback provided by Ashleigh to help guide you on your styling choices.  

Next seminar begins: August 17

*open internationally*

testimonials from past participants:

"I realized that I don't have any basic item's like I should in my closet. Glad I'm taking the time to do your course to work on MY personal closet essentials."

"This class is helping me get some new ideas."

"Tonight's seminar was very informative.  It was a lot of information. However, I'm enjoying the information you are giving me."

" I love the class so far, I wish it was longer than 5 weeks. LOL So much to learn, very exciting and you explain thoroughly with a lot of patience, which is greatly appreciated."

"You are extremely clear, thorough, and of course, someone I find to be an expert on many things fashion so I am directly benefiting."

Upcoming 2014 seminars

Styling 101 Seminar
Date: Coming in Fall..
registration now open!

Styling 101 is your guide to building looks catered to your shape, body and height, your guide to help differentiate which styles and garments work best for you! Every garment and/or item has a role but choosing what works best for your body is key to perfecting your styling.

 contact for details and rates


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  2. What is the cost of the seminars and how do I register?

  3. Love that you are catering to your audience by offering seminars! So awesome!